Thursday, February 24, 2011

MBLAQ 5th on Hanteo music sale 2011!!!!

★2011 Hall of Fame (2011.1.1 ~ 2011.12.31)★

note: *** means 000
**BLAQ Style 3D sales are not included.
Vol 5 album [why]
91, *** copies

Mini-album, Vol.1 [VVIP]
16, *** copies

SBS drama Secret Garden
Secret Garden OST Spcial
14, *** copies

Jung Min
Single Album Vol.1 [Not Alone]
12, *** copies

Album, Vol.1 [Blaq Style]
11, *** copies

Single Album Vol.1 [Shy Boy]
7, *** copies

Single Album Vol.1 [Real +]
6, *** copies

Mini Album Vol.2 [Evolution]
4, *** copies

10 cm
Album, a house [1.0]
3, *** copies

2010 solo concert album sun
3, *** copies

Vol.1 album, [Black & White]
3, *** copies

World Wide Concert Album
3, *** copies

No. 13
Teen Top
Mini Album Vol.2 [Transform]
2, *** copies

Special album [See You Again]
2, *** copies

No. 15 
쎄시봉 친구들
쎄시봉 친구들
1, *** copies


It’s MBLAQ “Again” on M! Countdown?

Having just released their repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition“, the MBLAQ boys kicked off a new wave of promotions on this week’s Mnet’s M! Countdown.
Their follow-up track, “Again“, is a mashup between electronica, hip hop, and R&B, which features a strong, synthetic melody with a fast and impressive beat, allowing the members to break away from their past sensual images from their “Cry” and “Stay” performances to showcase their stronger and more masculine sides.
Fortunately for fans, Mir made his return to the stage after temporarily resting from his herniated disk injury earlier in the month. With the group back on their feet as the dynamic five once more, fans can now sigh in relief and enjoy MBLAQ’s powerful and synchronized choreography for their new song.


MBLAQ’s Mir to return to the stage on M! Countdown?

MBLAQ’s Mir will finally be standing on stage for the group’s follow-up promotions after temporarily halting his activities due to his spinal disk herniation.
The group will be performing the title track of their new repackaged album, “Again,” on this week’s broadcast of Mnet’s “M! Countdown.”
A representative of “M! Countdown” stated, “Mir has had a strong desire to stand on stage with the other members to perform their new song. As much as he is ready to stand on stage with a fighting spirit, we will put our extreme focus on their stage.”

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Annoucement about Mir's Japan visit cancellation

[2011.02.21] ミル来日中止のついてのお知らせ

これからもMBLAQを応援してください。                                          ミル
On February 21st (Tue) MBLAQ will visit Japan for a recording, but the scheduled member Mir, due of his worsened low back pain, he could not visit Japan this time. Mir apologized for being unable to greet everyone with all 5 members.
The following are comment from Mir to Everyone

Japan People, Hello, This is Mir
It’s been decided that the Japan debut in May, 
I’m so excited with it, being able to meet with everyone, so nervous.
Now, I’m having a waist pain, unable to move in a long time etc., this time I couldn’t participate on a recording in Japan. Really sorry.
Even though I want to see you soon, 
but now I have to be patient and rest, next time I want to meet everyone with a perfect condition.
Please wait.
Please Support MBLAQ from now on too

Popular Korean Group MBLAQ's first Japan visit to 800 people

Twenty-one days after the official announcement of a May 4th Japanese debut, five member Korean idol boy band MBLAQ made their first visit to Japan in order to record and shoot for their jacket. Upon their arrival, 800 reporters and fans greeted them at the airport, to which leader Seungho responded with a smile, "We'll work hard in Japan, so please support us!" Member Mir, who has been suffering from chronic back pain and was unable to attend, also commented, "Right now I'm resting, but next time I want to go meet everyone in tip-top physical condition!"

The group MBLAQ debuted in Korea with their mini album "JUST BLAQ" on October 14 of 2009 with leader Seungho, Joon, G.O, Cheondoong, and Mir. MBLAQ was produced my popular artist Bi (Rain), and were given the nickname of "Chicdol" (chic idol).

Their overwhelming dance performance and rap, combined with powerful vocals, also previously seen from groups TVXQ and SNSD, helped them break through in the entertainment industry in Korea, winning awards such as Group Singer award and MNET's best new group of the first half of 2010. As well, it has also been decided that after their release of their Japanese album on May 4th (title undetermined), they will be holding lives in Osaka, Sapporo, Nagoya, Fukuoka, and Tokyo, limited to CD purchasers.


MBLAQ’s “Again” used to promote “Fighter”?

Yesterday, the boys of MBLAQ unveiled their repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition.” One of the new tracks from this album titled “Again” is being used to promote the Hollywood film “Fighter,” which is slated for release in Korean theaters on March 10th.
A promotional music video containing footage from “Fighter” for “Again” was recently released, check it out below.


MBLAQ’s repackaged album “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition” released?

MBLAQ’s repackaged album, “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition” was released just moments ago on the various Korean music portals.
The repackaged album contains the 13 songs from their first full-length album, plus three new songs that were composed by the MBLAQ members themselves. The new songs are titled ‘Again’, ‘Can’t Come Back’, and ‘You’.
Check out the new tracks below and remember to support them by purchasing the music.

MBLAQ - Again

MBLAQ - Can't Come Back

 MBLAQ - You


MBLAQ & Nishino Kana to perform at VMAJ Pre-Event in Tokyo?

MTV’s music video awards, “MTV VMAJ 2011”, will take place on June 25th at Makuhari Event Hall in Chiba.
This year, MTV VMAJ is celebrating their 10th appearance since 2002. The annual awards show takes votes from viewers and gives awards to those with the highest number of votes. There are appearances from domestic and international guests and the artists have live performances. All nominees, MCs, artists and guests will be announced as they are known.
Furthermore, “MTV VMAJ” will hold a pre-event on May 1st at The Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. The participating artists are songstress Nishino Kana and MBLAQ. Other artists will be announced later as they are selected.
General admission tickets will begin going on sale on April 3rd. Subscribers to Cable TV’s “J:COM” will get to apply first from February 25th to March 6th.


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon explains his fall at the “MTV Daum Music Fest?

On February 19th, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon suffered a 1m fall during the “MTV Daum Music Fest” after losing his balance on stage. After fans discovered that he didn’t go straight to the ER and simply returned to the stage, they began worrying over his condition.
To reassure his fans, Lee Joon left a message on his mini-homepage and revealed that his fall was actually a choreographed part of the performance, which was pre-planned with the show’s producers.
He wrote, “It’s been a while. I hope you are all healthy and doing well. I’m healthy and doing well! You must’ve been really worried over the performance…  I’m so sorry. My fall was actually planned with MTV and I fell onto safety equipment.”
Lee Joon continued, “Our performance’s concept was about a doctor creating us but failing, and re-creating us soon after. I was able to safely land, but my heart is heavy over the concerns I’ve caused you. I feel like I’m only making you all worry, so I’m very sorry.”
Check out his fall below (at the 3:00 minute mark):


Friday, February 18, 2011

MBLAQ Repackage Album and Follow Up Song Promotion?


This is JTune Camp.

After wrapping up MBLAQ's Stay promotion, they are scheduled to start promotions for the follow-up track starting from the 24th.

On February 22nd, MBLAQ's complete 1st album BLAQ Style 3D Edition will be released.

With existing and follow-up tracks included, the album will have a total of 16 tracks and it will also include a DVD of private making videos as well as the music video.

BLAQ Style 3D Edition sound source will be open to the public on all online music sites on the 22nd at midnight and it will also hit the stands on the same day.

We request that the fans will show a great interest.

Thank you.



To be released FEBRUARY 22, 2011!

1. 다시 (Again)
By Kim Tae Wan (C-Luv) & Lee Yong Hak

2. 돌아올수 없는 (Can't Come Back)
By G.O & Mir

3. You
By Thunder


[110214] MBLAQ’s Lee Joon caught in controversy over child sex offenders comment during debate

A statement MBLAQ’s Lee Joon made several months ago on Mnet’s “Kim Sooro’s Special Class for Prestigious Universities” has caused a controversy amongst netizens.

Last September, the members of MBLAQ were asked to debate the topic of the ethics behind chemically castrating child sex offenders.

Lee Joon began by arguing on the side opposing chemical castrations by explaining, “Imagine that I committed a crime like this. I know I won’t, but on accident. And then I get married. (After you serve) and become a free person, it’s so sad for the person to not be able to live a happy life because of the chemical castration.”

Member G.O. retorted, “Do you really think that the victim can continue to live a happy life after the attack? You’re saying that the rapist should be able to get married and live a happy life?”

Visibly surprised, Lee Joon switched over to the side supporting chemical castrations and stated, “Sex offenders really do ruin the entire life of one person.”

A representative of J. Tune Camp stated on February 14th, “At the time of the debate, Lee Joon was put on the opposing team. In order to fulfill his role, it seems what he said has brought about misunderstanding. He did not state it in defense of child sex offenders.”

Netizens who discovered the episode commented, “He said it without any thought,” “Even if he’s on the opposing side of the debate, he said it without reserve,” “Since he changed his position, he probably didn’t mean any harm with what he said, just said it without any thought,” and “Lee Joon is not supporting rapists, he is simply making a statement for the sake of the debate.”


MBLAQ to debut in Japan on May 4th

MBLAQ has revealed that they’ll be making their Japanese debut on May 4th.
The boys will drop their Japanese album on that day, but details about the album itself remain fairly vague.

Prior to their debut, MBLAQ is planning to appear at the ‘MI CARD Presents MTV×LaLa TV VMAJ 2011 Pre-Show’ on May 1st at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo. Once their album drops, however, the boys will begin their promotions in earnest by holding fan-signing events.
If you’re in Japan and you want to check out the autograph sessions, take a peep at the schedule below:
BLAQ Impact Tour – Limited to Debut CD Purchasers LIVE
May 4th: Osaka, umeda AKASO
May 5th: Fukuoka, Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
May 6th: Hokkaido, Sapporo Cube Garden
May 7th: Tokyo, Akasaka BLITZ
May 8th: Aichi, Nagoya BOTTOM LINE 


MBLAQ’s repackaged album set for release February 22nd

Mark your calendars ,MBLAQ fans – 
the hot idol group will drop their repackaged album on February 22nd!
According to J. Tune Camp, MBLAQ is preparing to release “BLAQ Style – 3D Edition” through both online and offline stores. 
They will also kick off their promotions shortly after the release.
This repackaged album contains the 13 songs from their first full-length album, plus three new songs. Reportedly, the songs were composed by the MBLAQ members themselves.
A representative divulged the current status of the MBLAQ members, as they explained, “Excluding Mir, who recently underwent a lower back surgery, the MBLAQ members are having a busy time preparing for the promotion. Lee Joon has also recovered from his injury and will rejoin the group
He added, “Although Mir’s condition has improved a lot, he still needs to be extremely careful. He strongly wants to participate in the promotion even just by sitting on a chair on stage, so we are considering adding choreography that he can easily follow. However, in the worst case scenario, only four members will be able to carry out this promotion“.
MBLAQ revealed their first full-length album on January 10th, 
and promoted their title songs, “Cry” and “Stay“.


MBLAQ opens official Japanese website and reveals debut date

In an interview with ELLE Girl in January, the boys of MBLAQ revealed their tentative plans to debut in Japanese market some time in April.
However, it seems the debut has been pushed back to May as MBLAQ’s official Japanese website opened up today with a promotional video stating: May 4th, 2011 debut.

The website also states that the boys will visit Japan on February 21st. They’ve been studying hard in Japanese so it’ll be interesting to see what they have in store for us.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

MBLAQ cancels SBS Inkigayo performance due to Mir & Joon’s conditions

It was recently reported that two of the five members from MBLAQ have been suffering from injuries and sickness, resulting in various cancellations in their promotions.
While Mir is currently recovering from a hip injury, Lee Joon was recently rushed to the emergency room after showing nausea symptoms, causing the group to cancel their performance on this week’s episode of SBS’s Inkigayo.
A representative of MBLAQ told Newsen on February 15th, “Lee Joon and Mir have both canceled their schedules and are recovering at home.”
According to the representative, on the morning of the 13th, Lee Joon suddenly felt dizzy and displayed symptoms of nausea, and was later diagnosed with a problem in his cochlea (inner ear). After receiving orders to rest from the doctors, Lee Joon is currently taking time off to recover and will soon go back for another check up.

Meanwhile Mir, who had injured his spine disk during the group’s “Y” promotions, felt aches in his back after recording for SBS’s “Star King” on the 7th.
The member was later diagnosed with a herniated disk and 
underwent surgery in a hospital in Gangnam two days later.

“For Mir’s case, his schedules may depend on his rehabilitation. However, as the doctor said that he must receive rehab treatment, his recovery time may take a bit longer. We hope to make a decision on his return after looking over his development,” 
revealed the representative.

Due to the need for recovery time for these two members, MBLAQ may need to cancel their promotional activities for both this week and next.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

SECRET perform ‘Shy Boy’ on Music Core with cameo by MBLAQ

We are just two days away from Valentine’s Day and Music Core has decided to give viewers a special treat before the special day with a special stage.
To capture that lovey dovey feeling, girl group SECRET teamed up with boy group MBLAQ members, Lee Joon and G.O for a special performance of the former’s hit song, 
Shy Boy‘.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MBLAQ's Mir stops activities for ‘Waist Surgery’?

MBLAQ’s Mir (20) received surgery for his waist on the 9th in a hospital in Gangnam Seoul and is currently hospitalized for further treatment.

His company JTune Camp released a statement on the 10th stating that “On the 7th after the recording of SBS ‘Star King’ Mir had back pains after belly dancing. A hospital in Gangnam, Seoul informed the MBLAQ member that it was a spinal disc herniation that needs to be healed through surgery. Although the surgery was successful, we have to see his progress for now.”

They continued on to say “Mir has been going to the hospital for treatments for his disk symptoms for a while now. It seems after working his hardest on the variety programs, it has pushed him to his limit. Because of Mir’s sudden pains and surgery, we planned for MBLAQ will be performing their popular official first album title track ‘Stay’ on the 3 music programs as a 4 member group.”


MBLAQ’s G.O. reveals his six-pack abs?

MBLAQ’s G.O. caused a lot of hearts to race 
after photos of his six-pack were unveiled on the web.
In the pictures, the idol is rehearsing choreography without a shirt on, revealing a muscular body that rivals fellow member Lee Joon’s. The photos are becoming an especial hot topic, since it’s the very first time that G.O. revealed his body.
Fans are mooning over the images, as they commented, “I thought only Lee Joon’s body was good. This is totally unexpected”, “Is G.O. going to rip off his clothes too? I’m greatly anticipating the next album”, and “This is the best of the ‘bodies of reversals’“.


MBLAQ 3 members self camera close-ups revealed "Bare faces? I can't believe it"

Three members of MBLAQ have revealed self camera pictures of their bare faces. MBLAQ appeared on SBS Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time on February 8th. With the exception of Joon and Mir, Seungho, G.O and Thunder drew attention when they went to the show without makeup.

Seungho is seen wearing a black beanie in the picture with an intense gaze and an expression full of charisma. On the other hand, G.O took a picture of himself staring into the camera with soft eyes, clearly showing off his features. His dark mustache stood out on his milky-white skin. Thunder who had one eye covered with a checkered pattern fedora hat has taken a picture with a small smile hanging on his lips.

After seeing the pictures, netizens commented, "MBLAQ fighting! MBLAQ members look very handsome and cool even without makeup hehehe", "Joonie is excluded.. Blaqies who shine even without makeup .... keke", "These are bare faces, you're lying ㅠㅠ Everyone's skin is so good. Very soft ..", etc.

Meanwhile, MBLAQ who is currently promoting 'Stay' plans to continue their activities with only 4 members because Mir is currently recovering from his lower back injury.


MBLAQ G.O showed his concern towards Mir who is currently suffering with spinal injury with “Dear Mir, get well soon.”

MBLAQ G.O showed his concern towards Mir who has to stop all activities due to his spinal injury.

G.O left a message on twitter saying “Dear Mir, get well soon.”, together with a cute picture of Mir who has fallen asleep during recording.

After seeing the tweet, netizens commented that “This is so cute. Oppa get well soon!” “G.O has a heart of gold, Mir, please recover soon.” “Put everything down, and have a good rest.” “It feels warm that he is worried.” Etc..

On the other hand, Mir who is currently suffering from spinal injury is expected to be excluded from all activities.


MBLAQ’s Mir receives surgery for his lower back?

Earlier, allkpop reported that MBLAQ’s Mir had sustained an injury to his lower back while recording for a show. It’s just been revealed that the injury was severe enough to require surgery.
A representative of his company, J. Tune Camp, stated: “On the 7th, Mir visited the hospital after recording for SBS’s “Star King” after feeling constant pains in his lower back. He was told by the doctors that he had spinal disc herniation.
They continued, “On the 9th, he received surgery at a hospital in Kangnam and is now recovering.
Relieving anxious fans, the representative assured, “The surgery went well but we have to wait on his condition. …Requiring immediate rest, this also complicates MBLAQ’s current promotions.”
When asked about Mir’s return, they said, “Right now, we’re not sure how long he has to rest for. His discharge from the hospital depends on his examinations and treatment process, but we wish for him to recover quickly.
Considering the status of Mir’s health, it’s inevitable that the boys of MBLAQ will continue to promote without him. We’re hoping that Mir makes a safe and full recovery, so we can see him on stage once more! The MBLAQ 4 will continue promotions on M! Countdown later this evening.


MBLAQ’s Mir sustains a spinal injury?

Currently promoting their title song “Stay“,
MBLAQ’s Mir has sustained a minor spinal injury.
J. Tune Entertainment officially made an announcement through Money Today Star News on February 8th, stating, “Mir has been hospitalized on the 7th due to lower back pain. For the time being, he will be resting. Mir’s lower back has not been in good shape and because of the packed filming schedules, his condition got worse. He needs to receive physical therapy daily in order to get better“.
Mir is now taking a break from his hectic schedule, dividing his time between the hospital and his home. Therefore, MBLAQ will continue promoting their album as 4 members, excluding Mir.
The upcoming filming of Mnet’s “M! Countdown” will proceed with only 4 members. J. Tune Camp has decided that although Mir’s condition is not serious, they are going to take every precaution in order to prevent any further injury.
We are hoping for Mir’s speedy recovery!


Rain will not be involved with MBLAQ’s repackaged album

MBLAQ will release a repackaged album at the end of February, but it will be missing a key ingredient.
MBLAQ (G.O, Thunder, Lee Joon, Seung Ho, Mir) is currently storming through music programs and variety shows with their first official album title song, ‘Stay‘, and instead of releasing a follow-up song, they will release a repackaged album.
However, MBLAQ’s mentor, Rain (Jung Ji Hoon), will not be involved in producing the repackaged album. MBLAQ management agency spoke to Newsen on February 7th on the phone, and said, “Rain will not be part of the production. Instead, MBLAQ members will be more involved.
This is a surprise because Rain had written ‘My Dear‘ for MBLAQ’s first album, which was released last January, and he had also presented the group with dance choreography for ‘Cry‘ and ‘Stay.’
Rain has recently re-joined with his mentor Park Jin Young and became the biggest shareholder of J.Tune Entertainment. Rain said he wants focus on working as a singer and actor before enlisting in the army, so he has asked JYP Entertainment to watch out for J.Tune Entertainment during his absence.
Thus it has become clear that Rain and MBLAQ are not under the same management. Rain’s J.Tune Entertainment will merge with JYP Entertainment, while MBLAQ will remain under the J.Tune Camp.
Currently, Rain is busy filming a new movie, and it is yet unclear if Rain will help MBLAQ’s choreography for the album.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lee Joon represents MBLAQ for MBC Swimming Championships

MBC’s Lunar New Year special, “Idol Star Athletics & Swimming Championships,” revealed their confirmed cast list for the swimming segment of their program.

The segment was recorded at the indoor Ilsan swimming pool on January 30th. The female division saw stars like 4minute’s Gayoon, T-ara’s Hwayoung, Nine Muses‘ Eunji and Lee Saem, SISTAR’s Dasom, Dal Shabet’s Jiyul, Girl’s Day’s Yura and Minah, LPG’s Semi, Rainbow’s Jaekyung, Woori, and Seung Ah, An Jin Kyung, and NS Yoonji race down the lanes.

The male division saw SHINee’s Minho, 2AM’s Seulong, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Dalmatian’s Daniel, INFINITE’s Woohyun and Seong Yeol, ZE:A’s Dongjun, Siwan, and Heechul, U-KISS’s Soohyun and Eli, TOUCH’s Young Hoon, Teen Top’s Niel, Lee Jang Woo, Son Ho Young, Ha Min Kwan, Kim Kyung Jin, and Marco.

Members from every team were present in support of the contestants. The recording was completely closed to the press, however, due to the controversy surrounding the segment’s potentially sexually suggestive nature. Some had felt that the swimsuits worn by the female idols could be too much for younger viewers.

MBC had responded to the issue by assuring that the contestants would wear swimsuits adhering to regulations. Sports Chosun revealed that the ladies wore black one-piece suits with shorts, while the men wore tight legging-type swim pants, along with a tank top.

A gold medalist from the 2010 Guangzhau Asian Games, Jung Darae, also made a special appearance. Speaking of special appearances, managers on-set revealed that After School’s UEE was unable to attend, despite her enthusiasm for the event.

The program is scheduled for broadcast February 5th and 6th.


MBLAQ’s Lee Joon cheers on 4minute’s Gayoon

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, who is participating in MBC’s New Year’s Special, “Idol Swimming and Track Championships“, has been gaining attention by cheering on 4minute’s Gayoon.
4minute’s maknae Sohyun tweeted on January 31st, “It seems a little forced but thank you for cheering~kk. I hope the current MBLAQ album is daebak kk. 4minute also fighting!
In the picture included with the tweet, Lee Joon is wearing a tracksuit with striped sandals, while sitting on the floor holding a sign, “I love you Huhkakka“, rather unwillingly.
This picture has been taken playfully, as 4minute asked Lee Joon to cheer on Gayoon, who was participating in the “Idol Swimming Championship” on the 31st.
Fans commented, “I love you Huhkakka? Is our Changsun (Lee Joon’s real name) throwing fans away? ㅠㅠ“, “Lee Joon was a 4minute fan? kk“, and “I’m so looking forward to watching the idol swimming championship“, showing their anticipation for the special.
I bet the fans are not the only ones anticipating the special!
Aren’t we all pumped to watch the “Idol Swimming Championship”?!


MBLAQ’s Mir confesses he has a serious phobia of needles?

On a recent broadcast of SBS’s “Bae Ki Wan, Choi Young Ah & Jo Hyung Ki’s Good Morning”, MBLAQ’s Mir confessed that he has a serious case of Trypanophobia, or a phobia of needles.
Mir revealed, “I have a very serious case of needle phobia. There was a time when my left arm broke, and when I went to the hospital the nurse injected a needle more than 10 times but kept failing. I developed my needle phobia after that incident.”
Mir added that he makes a huge ruckus every time he goes to the hospital for an injection that his doctor vowed to never do it on him again.
Fellow member Seungho said, “I think he’s scared of anything pointy that makes contact with his body. He’s even scared of acupuncture.”


How daoes J.Tune Camp respond to Andrea Bucaram’s alleged plagiarism of MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah” ?

Following up on the alleged plagiarism done by Ecuadorian singer Andrea Bucaram of MBLAQ’s debut track, “Oh Yeah”, J.Tune Camp recently came out with a strong response indicating they will take heavy legal measures if plagiarism was indeed involved.
We are currently looking into the details of the fans’ inquiries about Ecuadorian singer Andrea Bucaram’s song being very similar to that of MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah,” confirmed J.Tune Camp on January 31st.
They continued, “We checked the video that was uploaded onto YouTube, and we have concluded that the melody and even the dance choreography have a close resemblance to “Oh Yeah”. We are currently trying to find out whether she simply did a cover of “Oh Yeah” on broadcast, or if the song is actually circulating as an official track.”