Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, Mir, & Thunder Releases COMEBACK PHOTOS

On July 6th, MBLAQ released a set of unique album jacket photos from their upcoming 3rd mini-album!
Lee Joon, Thunder, and Mir were asked to dress up as a famous figure from history who they felt best represented their album.  Lee Joon went for the wild charms of ‘Zorro‘, while Thunder transformed into the ’80s British singer, Boy George.  Mir went for a nostalgic touch with a ’60s Beatles concept.
Representatives of J. Tune Camp said, “This album’s key theme is ‘celebrated work’, and to better fit the concept, the members have parodied an important figure of history.  Please look forward to the transformations Seungho and G.O. will be making.”
Their third mini-album will be released online on July 12th and will hit stores on the 15th.

c: allkpop

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